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How to prepare your salon for a virtual world

Your busier than ever. Infact, you’re so busy that any free time you have is spent eating and sleeping. Before you know it the hairdryers stop, the the till and the doors are locked. You’re thinking ‘What the hell just happened?’ then the classic panic inducing ‘how am I going to pau the bills?!‘...

Hair salons in lockdown
How to take your salon services online

As a salon director, my entire ethos revolves around taking customer service that next level by providing a personalised service tailored to each individuals needs, providing an exclusive, high-end salon service minus the intimating environment, awkward small-talk and eves-dropping.

I’m the type that won’t sit still with a need to be busy all the time. So when the distraction of creating that evironment suddenly stops, I quickly realised it was sink or swim. I had to reassess my approach to customer service.

First stop? Set up an online store.

Hair products in Dawson Hair & Imaging in Brighton's online store

Next, a business WhatsApp. Kfferomg an easily accessible support platform for anyone with questions regarding the store, advice on what is best for their hair and even a go-to to for members suffering from the effects of self-isolation. Being only a click away can make all the difference.

*brief disclaimer* without being qualified to advise on mental health issues but merely an empathic shoulder to lean on. If you feel you need professional assistance I suggest reaching out to Every Mind Matters. They have some great online resources, and a great team of people on hand to offer the best possible help.

I set up E-Gift vouchers made available online to secure the client with an appointment added to the standby spreadsheet. With health and beauty being one of the hardest-hit industries as a result of the pandemic and a huge demand for appointment slots upon reopening balancing this when the lockdown is lifted may have caused yet another challenge. So my solution? Gift vouchers

Please note: this will have to be on a first come first served basis as it would normally be with online bookings. 

However, for anyone who had booked, or requested an appointment... on or after 24th of march (being the date of my injury) will be made a priority, whether a gift voucher is purchased or not.

I'ts about time to thank everyone that has and is continuing to show support. Really, it means everything! Supporting eachother at a time like this is so important and good karma is something not to be sniffed at! Keep your chin-up, leave your hair alone and rest-assured that everything is being done to get those hairdont's back on track!


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