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North Laine Hair Salon

Why is Dawson Hair & Imaging the Best Unisex Hair Salon Near Me?

Located at 90A Trafalgar Street in Brighton, UK, Dawson Hair & Imaging has quickly earned the title of the most exciting North Laine hair salon in recent memory. While Dawson Hair & Imaging may be similar to any other unisex hair salon near me, they do something different than most and for that reason, they deserve some extra attention.


Dawson Hair & Imaging is a full-service hair salon that helps to color, cut, treat, and trim your hair and beard. With open and ethical pricing, you'll never have to worry about the price of your treatment changing on you for arbitrary reasons. In fact, with a consultation booked through the Dawson Hair & Imaging website, you'll know exactly what your appointment will entail as well as a total price for the service. Dawson Hair & Imaging is the rare North Laine hair salon that does not change their prices based on the gender of their guests. While this may not seem like a revolutionary concept, you need only ask your local stylist to see that this is uncommon. Instead of pricing based on gender, Chris and the team at Dawson Hair & Imaging base their prices on the specificity of the cut, the services needed, and the time that the process will take. At Dawson Hair & Imaging, you get exactly what you pay for without being charged for anything else!


As the best unisex hair salon near me, I am always happy when I get to visit the hair salon. Every appointment should start with a consultation before extended services are booked. After those services are booked, you'll be able to relax inside of an ethical and fair salon that is as relaxing as it is comfortably intimate. As an independent salon, Dawson Hair and Imaging is able to offer you the kind of services that you just won't find at any chain or retail location.

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