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Product Overview

- EIMI Pearl Styler Gel 100ml

- EIMI Mistify Me Strong Hairspray 75ml

Wella Eimi has compiled two best-selling styling products into one perfect gift set—the ideal gift for creating strong, long-lasting styles that will look great all day.

Wella Eimi Pearl Styler:

Achieve your desired definition with the Wella Professionals EIMI Pearl Styler Hair Gel. This expert formula is designed to offer UV protection while enriching the locks with a pearly gloss finish. Wella has designed this formula to provide long-lasting hold for all hair types. Its remarkably strong hold will allow your hair to stay in style all day. The hair gel promotes expert, strong-hold styling, offering a level three hold for a quick and easy result. The formula is designed to let you experiment with volume and texture for crafting t he ultimate, long-lasting hairstyle.

How to Use:

Distribute 1-2 pumps into your palms, then work into dry hair to texturise or tousle your style. For extra lift in short hair, work into wet hair and blow dry.

Wella EIMI Mistify Me Strong Hairspray:

Almost instantly, Wella’s EIMI Mistify Me Strong Hold Hairspray ensures a secure, firm hold for your hair. The spray dries remarkably quickly, holding your style just moments after application, and can withstand adverse weather conditions. Use this high-quality styling product to create individual looks within seconds without your hair looking unnatural. The spray does not make the hair sticky either. The Wella Fixing EIMI Mistify Me Strong Hold Hairspray maintains the natural curl of the hair and also gives it a radiant, vital shine you’ll love.

How to Use: Hold at arm’s length, spray evenly on hair to set your style.

Wella Professionals EIMI I'm Ready to Go Gift Set Styler & Spray

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