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  • What are your opening hours?
    We're open 10 - 6 Tues & Wed, Thurs 10-8, Fri 10 - 6 and Sat 10 - 5.
  • Are you ever open on Sundays?
    Yes. We may be able to open up on a Sunday if there are no other appointment slots available, upon request.
  • Whats the average cost for a Balayage Service?
    A full head balayage starts at £70. Depending on the length, thickness, and amount of product used it shouldn't exceed £120.
  • Do I need to skin sensitivity test 48 hours before my appointment.
    Ideally yes, it also gives good opportunity to have a chat about your hair. In the event that schedule is tight, and popping in before hand wold be a trouble then you have the option of signing a simple disclaimer to state your happy to for Chris to go ahead with the colouring service.
  • Do you ever open on Sundays?
    Yes. If there aren't any other appointments available and only Sunday works for you, we may be able to open up on a Sunday or a Monday for you, upon request.
  • Whereabouts are you located?
    The salon sits on the 1st floor about a shop called 'Timeslip' which is visible if you look up directly ahead of you as you walk up Sydney st. The entrance is tucked away to the rear of the property left of the Met College entrance, just off Trafalgar St on the lesser known Redcross St. Entrance is though the gate where you can press the buzzer and wait for assistance, unless previously directed otherwise.
  • How much do you charge for a colour correction?
    We need to assess your hair before being able to judge the amount of work and predict the amount of product needed before we can then give a guide price. We can offer quotes on consultation when booked or a guide price on the day of your service after review.
  • Why do I pay a deposit for some services?
    As we offer a more private salon experience and only Chris is on-hand to be your host, and operates an appointment only booking policy we collect a 20% deposit for the services that take more time to do. and would be harder to fill at the last minute. This is purely incase of the event the client is a no-show or has to cancel without 24 hours notice. The deposit is held made redeemable at checkout commencing your rescheduled booking. This will subsequently stand for a 3 month period.
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