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Discover the Eco-Friendly Beauty of weDo's Sustainable Haircare Products.

basket with a collection of vegan hair products arranged on soft white blanket

Introducing weDo, a line of sustainable hair care products that blend environmental responsibility with luxury. These products are ideal for ethically conscious consumers who desire high-quality hair care without compromising quality or the planet. You can find weDo online at This eco-friendly alternative boasts a delectable range of hair care products that will leave your locks nourished, voluminous, and radiant.

Sustainable Haircare Products That Don't Compromise on Performance

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'No Plastic" Shampoo Bar is a best seller.

Are you ready to join the weDo Haircare Revolution? Not only will you be treating your mane to some seriously luxurious haircare, but you'll also be doing your part for the environment. With 95% recycled packaging and a commitment to being vegan, cruelty-free, and naturally derived, these products are a win-win for you and Mother Earth. It's time to indulge in guilt-free pampering because caring for yourself and the planet should always go hand in hand. Join the revolution today and let your hair do the talking!

Better For You and the Environment

Discover the benefits to you and the environment of the weDo Haircare Revolution—a range of sustainable, certified vegan, cruelty-free, and naturally derived professional-quality haircare products made with 95% recycled packaging. These sustainable haircare products combine luxury for your hair and skin with environmental responsibility.

weDo: Eco-Friendly Hair Care

weDo products are formulated as eco-friendly substitutes for conventional hair care products that usually contain harmful chemicals. These products use natural ingredients to help customers avoid unnecessary exposure to toxins while also contributing to the health of our planet.

a woman's hands softly running hair and skin moisturiser on to her skin

The weDo Haircare Revolution: Embrace Nature and Transform Your Hair

The weDo range demonstrates our belief in the power of nature and the importance of environmental hair care. We recognise that our customers want to showcase salon-quality hair whilst doing their bit to save the planet. That's why we provide diverse products that nourish, repair, and enhance your hair with "no-plastic" Shampoo Bars to fragrant hair and body mists. Whether you want to revamp your hair care routine, introduce an eco-friendly product to your toolkit or try something new, we've picked our favourites from the revolutionary haircare. Our favourite eco-friendly goodies are available now to purchase online or in-store today. Here's a rundown.

fleshy coloured plastic free shampoo bar

1. Moisture and Shine No Plastic Shampoo Bar (80g): A nourishing shampoo bar eliminates plastic waste and offers moisture-rich hair care. At just £15.95, this 80-gram bar is a delightful concoction that benefits your hair and our precious planet.

shampoo bar with speckles

2. Purify No Plastic Shampoo Bar (80g): An ideal solution for an oily scalp, this shampoo bar is designed to offer a purifying experience. At £15.95, this 80-gram wonder is an ode to purity.

pure white plastic free shampoo bar

3. Light and Soft No Plastic Shampoo Bar (80g) for fine hair that aims to add volume and vitality without weighing the hair down a must-try at £15.95.

a white tub of hair mask

4. Light & Soft Hair Mask (150ml): & A dynamic duo is a must-try at £15.95 for the shampoo bar and £24.50 for the hair mask.

a bottle of hair conditioner

5. Rich & Repair Silicone-Free Conditioner (250ml): A healing and repairing conditioner that says no to silicones and yes to natural nourishment at £19.25

an  orange tub of hair products

6. Moisture and Shine Hair Mask (150ml): £24.50, respectively, the ultimate solution for damaged hair.

a spray bottle for hair

7. Professional Detangling Spray (100ml): A solution for tangled hair, promising smooth and easy combing. At £20.95, this detangling spray is a game-changer.

a glass bottle of hair oil

8. Professional Hair and Body Oil (100ml): A luxurious multitasking oil for hair and skin, offering a silky texture and radiant glow. At £26.50, this versatile oil is worth every penny.

a white spray bottle of hair product

9. Spread Happiness Hair Perfume & Body Mist (100ml): A fragrant sensation to infuse light, love, and a sweet scent into your day. At £24.50, this hair perfume and body mist is a delightful way to spread joy wherever you go.

Take the leap today and discover the awe-inspiring power of nature with the weDo Haircare Revolution.




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