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Client Resource Hub - Salon COVID Response.

The following is a log of just a few of the measures we've taken in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus and what you can expect upon arrival for your long-awaited hair appointment.

Upon arrival at the rear of the property, on Redcross St, press the buzzer or you can WhatsApp Chris if you need assistance. Due to the cleaning rota between appointments you may experience a short wait so that Chris can prepare the area and be ready to start work as soon as possible.

Tall jar of blue sterilisation liquid and hand sanitiser.

Please use the antibacterial hand gel provided before anything else.

There are two sanitation areas; one at the front door and a second, if needed, on the landing at the top of the stairs.

If you forgot a face cover, don't worry, you have a choice of coverings to colour code with your outfit for the duration of your visit. Help yourself to one. Bring two if it's a colour appointment, however these will be supplied for you at your station.

At your seat, you’ll find a sealed, personal sanitisation pack. This is yours and contains everything you need for your appointment; a disposable mask, antibacterial hand wipes, a dry wipe and a mini eye visor; this helps protect your eyes whilst maintaining your vision and creating a seal for ultimate protection. (not obligatory).


Don’t let the extra measures worry you! They're just for additional protection. With its one-on-one service plus all the extras taken care of, I can safely say that Dawson Hair & Imaging is likely the most sanitised, safest salon open.

If you've got any concerns or would like to know more, you can easily get in touch with Chris by messaging him in the Hair & Imaging's members area on the Wix mobile app, sending a message via the business WhatsApp or emailing for more information.

Despite providing the existing bespoke service and inclusive, regulated and safe environment Dawson Hair & Imaging gives, our ethics behind providing this service continues, and our challenges have only reinforced this mission. The protective measures. We believe a sanitised salon environment should be standard practice regardless of COVID. But in these times, an extra layer of protection is necessary to maintain that attraction of a non-public climate for you to relax worry-free.


A Visual Guide to Summarise the Changes to Our Services

COVID-19 safety measures
Dawson Hair & Imaging's COVID-19 Response

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