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Dawson Hair & Imaging Proud to be rated within Brightons Top 10 Hairdressers Brighton has to Offer!

Finding the perfect men's hairdresser can be downright traumatic. If you are a guy with luscious locks, you might find it hard to find a local hairdresser who can bring style and flair to your hair without breaking your bank account. Instead of attending those gimmicky sports salons for men, let your hair get taken care of by the team of professionals at Dawson Hair & Imaging. Dawson Hair & Imaging provides the best men's haircut Brighton can offer. Keep on reading to learn why!


When you first stumble upon Dawson Hair & Imaging, you'll notice that they are different than most men's hairdresser options that you've seen. Instead of focusing on gimmicks and specialty cuts, Dawson Hair & Imaging is all about giving you a personalized experience that will transform your hair. The team at Dawson Hair & Imaging abide by an ethics-first policy when it comes to pricing. What does this mean? Put simply, the team does not change their price based on the gender of the customer. While this doesn't sound dramatic, this is actually a huge change when compared to other salons. If you only need a small cut, that is all that you will be charged for.


Dawson Hair & Imaging offers transparent gender-neutral pricing on all of their services. In order to make the most out of your appointment, you are going to want to book a consultation with Chris ahead of time. These consultations can be booked online and they will serve as the foundation of your entire hair care treatments. During your consultation, Chris will find out exactly what needs to be done to your hair as well as how much it will cost.


For an ethical, affordable, and transformative hairdressing experience, let Dawson Hair & Imaging lead the way. based out of Brighton in the UK, this North Laine business is more than ready to help you today!

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