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Hairdressers Open Near Me

Finding Local Hairdressers Near Me Who Offer Ethical Pricing

As one of the best local hairdressers near me, Dawson Hair & Imaging has been serving up stylish new looks to customers in their North Laine district location in Brighton. Dawson Hair & Imaging prides itself on being a transparent, ethical, and innovative salon with an array of services that are perfect for men and women alike. If you want to see what a typical visit to the best hairdressers open near me is like, then keep on reading!


A visit to Dawson Hair & Imaging should always start with a consultation, particularly if you have excessive direction or specific needs that you want to have addressed. Your consultation can be booked online or over the phone with Chris. After booking your free consultation, you'll get to figure learn how much your hair treatment will cost as well as the process that Dawson Hair & Imaging will be abiding by. Once your consultation is complete, you are ready to set a date and time to get the job done! Among the many service son top at Dawson Hair & Imaging are haircuts, fringe and beard trims, colour treatments, bleaching and toning, washing, and a Wellaplex add-on for any service that you request. All pricing is listed on the Dawson Hair & Imaging website with modifications to your price to follow your free consultation. Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it?


After attending your consultation, you'll get to enjoy an amazing cut by a team of professionals. Inside of Dawson Hair & Imaging, you'll enjoy an intimate and relaxing experience where you can let the stylist take over your hair concerns. More than just the most affordable local hairdressers near me, Dawson Hair & Imaging provides an experience that simply cannot be replicated by competitive commercial establishments. Contact the team today or browse their online products to see what Dawson Hair & Imaging can do for you!

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